More Wildflowers — and More Problems   Leave a comment

Here are some more pictures from our wildflower quest.  We kept looking for poppies, but didn’t see any until we drove back on a different road.  Then the brilliant patch on the hillside was unmistakable.  It’s quite different from the orange of fiddleneck.

wildflower 8

We soon found a closer patch.

wildflower 7

Closer yet.  The poppies were scattered among popcorn flower, filaree, and tiny brilliant fuchsia red maids.

wildflower 6

We had to crawl up a hill for close-ups.  Some bugs had been working on this one . . .

wildflower 4

. . . but this one was perfect.

wildflower 5

Today certainly wasn’t a perfect day here.  We got up to the news that one of the work trucks had been stolen.  It was the one with a “cherry picker” that we often used for tree trimming, but it also had a generator and a full load of tools.  The crew was using it to work on the fence, and when it got parked, the key was left in.  Helper Jerry saw it driving out about six this morning, followed by a brown SUV, but thought it was going back to work.  Nope.

Billy thinks we have a good chance of getting it back, or at least most of it, but all of the tools and equipment will be gone.  It can’t have gone far; it’s been non-opped for years and had no license.  It will have gone just far enough to find a quiet spot to strip it.  It was too tall to fit in most garages, so it’ll likely be found by the side of a road somewhere.


I can hear the welder going outside now, though.  They are managing to finish up the repair job without it.  We really do have a good crew — even if they are relations!





Posted March 1, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Wildflowers

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