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Day before yesterday, Marion and I got out on our yearly wildflower quest.  It’s always fun — if there are any wildflowers.  There weren’t a whole lot this year, but there were enough to make our trip worthwhile.  We went up the Glenville road.  I got so many pictures, I think I’ll split this post into two parts; so here’s part one.

The first thing we noticed were the fat and happy cattle out on the green grass.  We thought we saw caves in the cliff-like rock formation on the hill, but it turned out to be black cattle resting in the shade.  You can see them if you look very closely.

wildflower 10

The cattle didn’t like the look of us, and even though they were so far away, headed for the hills.  Literally.

wildflower 11

The rock formations on this road are truly picturesque.  This one made me think of Easter Island.

wildflower 9

We began to see scattered flowers, like this brodeia.  I’ll have to check identification later . . .

wildflower 13

wildflower 12

There were others, too . . . I think this is a phacelia.


wildflower 16

And there’s always lots of fiddleneck.

wildflower 14

Ranchers consider it a pest, but it does make a nice patch of color on the green hills.

wildflower 15

Marion caught me on the hunt.

wildflower 2

More tomorrow!



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  1. Thank your for the beautiful wildflower pictures! It definitely looks like spring there!

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