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This was supposed to be a post about the beautiful wildflower drive Marion and I took yesterday, but events intervened.

I was sound asleep about six this morning when I heard Billy calling me.  (I sleep like a rock, but always manage to hear his voice.)  He had heard a bang, then someone at the door, and since he can’t get up quickly he needed me to see what was going on.  I stuck my head out of the door, and an early boarder called that a car had just hit the fence at Jill’s pen, and that there were a couple of apparent drunks trying to get away.

I went out in my robe, just as the man quit revving the motor and trying to back out of the fence.  I called to him that he wasn’t going anywhere, and might as well wait for the cops.  Then I hightailed it back to the house to tell Billy yes, he should call them.  Right now.

Then I grabbed the camera and went out to take pictures of the license plate, in case they did manage to get it out.  It wasn’t likely.  The man had taken off by then, and the woman told me — repeatedly — that she had just been the passenger.  Very soon, the Highway Patrol arrived.

wreckfeb27 1

As I was telling him what I had seen, we turned around and looked toward the river.  There was the driver, obviously trying to make up his mind whether to take off again, or not.  The patrolman picked him up, and later they hauled both of them away.

They did quite a job on Jill’s pen.

wreckfeb27 2

Luckily, no one, human or horse, was hurt.  And the water line — those pipes carry water — hadn’t broken.  Later we learned that they had been speeding in circles around the place, honking the horn.  Billy had heard the horn, but thought it was up on the road.  Nope.  I have no idea what they thought they were doing.  Trying to scare the horses to watch them run, maybe.  That’s happened before.

We heard later that they had found stolen articles in the car, and that there had been a third person involved, but that is secondhand.  At any rate, the police apparently decided to lock up everyone involved, at least for the present.

Never a dull moment . . .


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  1. Wow! What a story. I see you have at least one interested equine onlooker. Thank goodness no one got hurt!

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