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Marion and I went out again yesterday, to enjoy the green grass while it’s still there.  Kitty seemed to appreciate it, too.  Just look at those attentive ears.  (If you look closely, you’ll see Xena and Peaches wondering why we’re so slow.)

feb24ride 6

Of course, she didn’t get to actually eat any of that luscious-looking stuff.  There’s grass at home I’ll let her nibble.

It wasn’t too far down the trail that we came upon evidence of busy beavers.

feb24ride 1

Farther on, we stopped at the dam.  Peaches thought she might swim out and visit the beaver family.

feb24ride 5

It turned out there was nobody home.  Or at least no one that wanted to talk to Peaches.

feb24ride 4

Farther upriver, the water was much cleaner.  Xena decided it was nice enough for her to swim, too.

feb24ride 3

She had to have a good shake when she got out, though.

feb24ride 2

You can see what a beautiful day it was by looking at the mountains in the background.  It’s been warm, but so hazy that the mountains were invisible.

There’s no rain in sight, so it’s not going to be green for long.  We’re appreciating it while we’ve got it, and hope to get in a drive to look for wildflowers in the next day or two.  Those of us who don’t see much green sure appreciate it a lot!


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