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Marion and I hit the trail yesterday, though not very far.  Kitty and I are both a bit out of shape.

We hadn’t gone far when we came upon a large yellow-flowered bush — I think it’s a bladderpod — which practically demanded to have its picture taken.

bladderpod 1

I might have trimmed it down, but I kind of liked Kitty’s sharp-eared shadow, and the tiny lavender stars of filaree.  That’s rather a pretty word.  It might make a nice name for a dainty little filly.

Anyway, we then took each other’s picture, as usual.  First I took Marion’s, with EZ . . .

bladderpod 2

Then she took mine, with Kitty and Xena . . . Peaches was there, but she was off somewhere sitting in a puddle.

bladderpod 3

It was a lovely day, if a bit hazy.  The mountains were not in sight, though you can see the bluffs in the far background.

It won’t be green like this for very long, I’m afraid.  There’s no rain in the ten-day forecast.  The mountains will stay green longer, though, and the news has been showing pictures of the hills ablaze with early wildflowers.  We hope to get up to see them before they are gone.


Posted February 23, 2016 by stablewoman in Horses, Riding

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