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It may not be spring yet across most of the country, but it pretty much is here.  It was in the low sixties today, after a nice overnight rain, and a beautiful day.

I got Kitty out to let her graze a bit on the green grass.  Actually, it’s mostly weeds, but she seemed to enjoy it.

kittyfeb18 2

When she wasn’t watching the dogs in the riverbed, that is.

kittyfeb18 1

Later I caught up little Bella and turned her out in the exercise pen.  She was off like a bullet.

bellafeb18 2

She came back to snort rollers at Kody, across the way.  Tomorrow I’ll give him his turn, though I suspect he won’t enjoy it as much.

bellafeb18 3

There was a headline in the paper a day or two ago — “Is El Nino a Bust?”  Well, yes, pretty much.  We haven’t even had as much rain as we did last year, although there was more snow in the mountains.  We’ve still got March and some of April to go, and we’ve had heavy rains in March before.  Our fingers are probably going to be permanently bent from being crossed.

Come on, Nino.  Get with it!


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