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It’s been a long time between blog posts, but things have been busy.  Billy is continuing to improve, and is out making his rounds twice a day, in addition to taking care of all of the paperwork that goes with a place like this.  Not bad for a man who was feeling the breath of the Grim Reaper a little more than a month ago.  Pacemakers are amazing.

In the meantime, Sarah has acquired a new pupil.  Her dad bought a black-and-white paint colt and brought him here for her to start.  She doesn’t know his name, so decided to call him Concho.

He’s a cute little guy, barely two years old, and much better looking than he appears in this picture.  The position of the rail makes his ears look big, and the black spot on his back makes it look funny.

concho 4

He’s been running out with his mom, wearing a halter that’s left some marks on his face.  He’s a bit underweight, long-haired, and his feet need a lot of attention.  I took these pictures thinking I would do it again in a couple of months, to show how he changes.  And change he will.  He’s two, after all.

Meanwhile, he’s been a bit wide-eyed and nervous.  There’s a lot around here for a country baby to take in.  Peaches thought she would come down and reassure him.

“Hi!  I’m Peaches! Want a kiss?”

concho 3

“There!  Doesn’t that make you feel better?  Doesn’t it make you feel at home?”

concho 1

“Oh, thanks!  A little back nibble feels good, too.”

concho 2

I took her away then, in case the nibble turned into a nip.  Colts nip a lot, if allowed.  But I think he did feel better.

Anyway, he seems like a nice colt, and I’m looking forward to following his progress.


Posted February 9, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Horses

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