After the Storm   1 comment

Well, this storm lived up to its billing.  Our little rain gauge showed over an inch of rain, every bit of it welcome.

After the storm, though, the parting clouds revealed that the arena had once more become Lake Robertson.

afterstorm 1

The next morning, it was already starting to dry up, but it’ll be there for a few days.  We’ll rip the arena around it until it’s nearly gone.

afterstorm 3

Later that day, I went out to the Panorama Vista parking lot and took some pictures from there.  There aren’t any trees in the way, so I hoped for some good shots of the snow.  Those mountains are pretty far away, though.  (Pardon the finger.)

snowymts 1

I zoomed in as far as possible.  The quality isn’t as good, but I wanted to remember those snowy hills.

snowymts 3

snowymts 4

snowymts 2

There’s still a lot of snow visible today.  Alta Sierra, our local ski resort, got four to six feet of new snow.  I’ll bet they’re even happier than the rest of us.

Fortunately/unfortunately, there’s now precipitation in the ten-day forecast.  We need time to dry out and work the pens and roads, but we also need more rain and snow.  Much more.  Keep on coming, El Nino!


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  1. Very nice! The sky is such a brilliant, beautiful blue in the third photo. And what could be better than snow-covered hills?

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