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Liliana has been riding pony Bella for me.  She’s only ridden her a couple of times, but it seems to be working out well.  They look very cute together.

lilynbella 2

I worked on this photo quite a bit; I couldn’t decide how I liked it.  Here’s the original, unchanged except for size.

lilynbella sm

Here’s the second version.  I cropped it a little, and worked on the contrast and color.


But I liked the version I posted first the best.  True, I cropped out the interested Xena, but it focused the attention on the faces — girl and pony.

Sarah is working with them, and I hope this is the beginning of a partnership — Lilibella.

We’re getting a lot of Bellas.  There’s at least a horse Bella, a pony Bella, a little girl Bella, and a baby Bella.  I don’t, however, think there’s any danger of confusion.

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  1. What an adorable picture! Bella looks happy and Liliana is concentrating. I envy her (in a good way). I always wanted to be the little girl with a pony. I had plastic ones anyway. Liliana reminds me of a Sally-Emily-Rebecca composite picture. She is sure a cutie! Thanks for doing all this photography work! I enjoyed it! Love to you and Billy…sure glad he is up and “running” Love, Elizabeth who still wishes she had a pony. (or at least a goat to eat all the nettles growing in my yard…I hate nettles!)

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