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Peaches has always been a generous dog.  She loves to bring me Presents, including, on one memorable occasion, somebody else’s wallet.  And money.

The last couple of mornings it’s been lunch meat.  It’s obvious someone is giving it to her, because it’s nice and clean when she charges through the dog door and brings it to me.

lunchmeat 1

She’s so proud.  She stands there with her mouth full of lunch meat and whines.

lunchmeat 2

If I don’t take it, she is Just Crushed.

lunchmeat 3

I assured her she could have it, which usually works.  Today she brought it back twice.  Finally I took it — warm and a bit slimy — and gave half to Gena, poised in the background.  Then I pretended to take a bite, while going “Mmm . . . yum!” and gave it back to her.  Finally she ate the rest.

I wonder what she’ll bring me tomorrow . . .



Posted January 10, 2016 by stablewoman in Dogs

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