I Missed the Rainbow!   1 comment

After the main storm was over yesterday, we had a single dark cloud pass over and give us a few minutes’ shower.  I was so taken with the golden light and the dimpled puddles (Puddles!  Hooray for puddles!) that I completely missed the rainbow.

It was a glorious full double rainbow.  There were lots of pictures of it on the evening news.  Everyone else got great shots of it. Well, I did too, sort of.  Can you see it below?


Yep, that’s it over on the right; just a little segment of the left side of the bow.  Oh, well, I caught that golden light and those gorgeous puddles!

Today, Billy went to have his pacemaker checked out by the surgeon who did the operation.  It’s doing very well, and he really needed it.  It’s functioning 99% of the time, keeping his heart rhythm at 70 beats per minute.  At one point, it had slowed down to 20.  During the procedure, he had what I guess you could call a heartstorm when the wires touched his heart.  It accelerated out of control, but they managed to get it beating normally again.  The surgeon had been afraid that it would happen again, and the pacemaker keeps the heart from beating too slowly, not too fast.  The readout, though, showed that there had been no recurrence — thank goodness.

He’s feeling much better, and expects to be back in his pickup very soon!


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  1. Thunderstorm = good.
    Heartstorm = bad.

    So glad to hear everything is going well with Billy’s pacemaker!

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