Still Improving   3 comments

Billy is doing better all of the time.  The home health nurse will be coming to check him out on Monday, and Tuesday there will be a visit from a physical therapist.  The pacemaker has him ticking right along.  He’s finally caught up with the bookwork — it’s unfortunate all of this took place at the beginning of January — and feels pretty well for a man with so many spare parts.

As for me, I’m happy too.  It’s so nice to look across and see him instead of his empty chair.  Donna sent me this picture of Peaches with her young horse.  Peaches looks about as happy as I feel.

peacheshappy 2

Although I don’t like horse kisses quite as much as she does!


Posted January 3, 2016 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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3 responses to “Still Improving

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  1. First of all, that picture just made me happy about life in general. Glorious horse and dog kisses!!!! Pure bliss! Secondly, how wonderful that Billy is doing better and so are YOU! The world has been “a righted!” Blessings on your week! Hip Hip Hoooorah! Elizabeth

  2. Best. Picture. Ever. I love Peaches’ sympathetic tongue. And yes, I can easily imagine that expression on your face. Minus the tongue, maybe.

  3. Happy Birthday, Roberta! Love, Elizabeth, Jim, John, Thomas, Mollie, Wilson, Brigid, Kip, LaFawnduh, Mittens, Pickles, Snowball, Teddy and Lucy!

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