A Rough Week   3 comments

Yes, it really has been a rough week.  Christmas Day my husband Billy went into the hospital with congestive heart failure.  He’d been feeling ill for a long time, but his generation (he’s 82) hates to admit anything is wrong.  When he finally did consent to go in to Urgent Care, it was almost too late.

They are really good there, and immediately put him on massive doses of diuretic.  In a few days, he lost over 30 pounds, all in retained water.  His feet had looked like water balloons; now they look like real feet.

The problem was that his heart was not beating fast enough to circulate his blood properly.  In addition, he was very anemic and generally run-down.  They pumped him full of vitamins and iron, in addition to heart medication and insulin for his diabetes.  Day before yesterday, when he was strong enough, they installed a pacemaker.  Yesterday, they let him come home.

He’s doing very well — he’s working on the books right now — and it’s my job to see that he takes all of his pills and doesn’t lift his pacemaker side arm too high.  There’s not much danger of that; he hasn’t been able to lift his arm over his head for years.  The assistant in the pacemaker operation said that when he looked at the x-rays, he was astonished that he could use the arm at all.  The arm bone is kind of hanging there, not really connected to the shoulder at all.

So . . . now he’s survived colon cancer (he’s had a colostomy bag for about twelve years now), melanoma, diabetes, heart failure, a fractured vertebra, an arm broken twice, a cracked pelvis, and assorted concussions.  And that’s just what I know about. Most of it comes from being an old cowboy; the injuries are very typical of a life with horses.

He’s still hanging in there, and we all hope that he continues to do that for a long time to come.  He’s the type of man that’s hard to find any more.  In forty-five years of marriage, I’ve never known him to do anything mean, petty, or dishonest.  He’s never broken a promise, or left a debt unpaid.  His word is his bond.

And he puts up with my housekeeping . . . or lack thereof.

I hope to get back to regular blogging soon, but needless to say, I’m sticking pretty close to the house right now.


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3 responses to “A Rough Week

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  1. A bad week?! You weren’t kidding. My best to you and Billy. And best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016.

  2. We are all so blessed to have you and Billy on this earth to show us how to be tougher and better! Love, Elizabeth

  3. So glad he is doing better!

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