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Everyone noticed the smoke rising up from the river yesterday.  It was hard to miss; there was quite a bit of it, it was white, and it was coming from the big island in the middle of the river.  It was pretty obviously from a homeless camp.  Everything is so damp out there by now that it was not going to go anywhere, so we shrugged and went about our business.  Sure enough, in a little while, the smoke had disappeared.

A while after that, though, in pulled a large fire truck.  Horses don’t really like large fire trucks, but it got through the yard without any big problems, and parked down by the round pen.  Someone had seen the smoke and called it in.

firemen 1

Though there wasn’t much to be seen from the riverbank, someone was able to show them where the fire had been.  A log was still smouldering, so they packed up their chain saws and headed in.

firemen 2

After taking care of it, they packed up and headed out.  We hear that they were back again today; someone had reported a fire under the bridge.  As chilly as it has been, there are bound to be transients building warming fires.  There’s certainly lots of dead wood for them to burn.  There shouldn’t be any real danger now, but it’s probably a good thing for the firefighters to check it out.

We got a little more rain last night, but it was a warmer storm.  Between the warmer weather and damp wood, maybe we won’t have any more alarms for a while.


Posted December 22, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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