My Christmas Present — the Backhoe   Leave a comment

We got a new backhoe yesterday, and it’s a beauty.  The backhoe is one of the three most important pieces of equipment around here, the others being the hay squeeze and the John Deere with the big front bucket.  When the old backhoe died (a victim of old age) it was important to get a new one.  I drew out a bunch of money from savings, and son David went off to a heavy equipment auction.  Here are the results.


Isn’t she a beauty?  I think I’ll call her Casey.

No, she’s not really a Christmas present, but it makes a good story.  I used it on a little teller at the bank, and she said, “What’s a backhoe?”  I used it later, on another teller — I had to draw out a little more money — and she said . . . you guessed it.  “What’s a backhoe?”  Well, it’s kind of a big tractor, and it’s usually got a front bucket, and this big jointed thingie on the back that they call a hoe, and . . . forget it.

It did a lot of running around today, because there were water lines gushing everywhere.  It was cold last night, and a lot of plugs popped out of their pipes.  That’s what they’re for — it’s better than having pipe split — but it makes a lot of work.

There was plenty of frost, and it looked lovely edging the fallen leaves.


The rabbit droppings in the background — not so much.


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