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It’s been a busy month; I guess that’s true for nearly everyone in December.  I haven’t gotten much blogging done, but hope to do better.  Here’s a report on the rain of a few days ago .  Frankly, it wasn’t much.

We got enough to make the fallen leaves glisten . . .


And leave raindrops on roses . . .


And make strawberry whipped cream clouds.


Right now, it looks like the predicted rain is moving in.  We’re hoping for a little more this time.

A few days ago, we lost Lori B.’s grand horse Gambler to a neurological condition — apparently complications from Cushing’s disease.  He was only nineteen, and should have had many years ahead of him.  I’ve got some pictures, and she’s sent me some more; I hope to do a sort of elegy for him in the next day or two.  It’s always hard to lose a good horse . . .


Posted December 13, 2015 by stablewoman in Weather

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  1. Beautiful!! Please do keep posting😀.

  2. Looking forward to the elegy for the horse. I lost one of mine a few weeks ago . She was 27 and I had had her since she was 2.

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