End of the Trail . . . er   2 comments

The crew is getting ready to break up the old trailer that Billy’s mother, Irma, once lived in.  They’ve already salvaged the aluminum from the outside, and are getting it ready for its final journey.  It’s looked better . . .

irmastrlr 6

It’s a 1951 model; Billy remembers buying it in 1955.  Irma lived in it until he bought her a mobile home; then it moved behind the other mobile home for his sons to live in.  Over the years, it’s been home to feed, tack, and drop calves.  It was a nice little trailer at one time, though.  It had some nice cabinetry . . .

irmastrlr 5

irmastrlr 2

A tiny little bathroom . . .

irmastrlr 4

And even a typewriter.

irmastrlr 3

It’s headed on that last journey soon . . .

irmastrlr 1

Although parts of it will live on.  Someone who was restoring one like it came by and salvaged the window frames and other parts.  The frame and wheels went under a flatbed trailer that is currently loaded with pipe.  It’s had a long and useful life . . . I hope I’ll be able to say the same.

But I really hope I’ll look a little better.


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  1. From my Facebook page:

    My big sister, Roberta, once upon a time a teacher at Branch and then at what is today Fairgrove, is the artist among us four kids; in a way, she’s like my Mom, who could do anything with fabric: knit, weave cloth (we had a hand loom), sew (and a beautiful old Singer), crochet, needlepoint. Roberta has always sketched or painted, but I am continually amazed by her camera work, which she’s taken up much more recently.This is an old, old trailer on their ranch, near Bakersfield, about to be hauled away. Where I would see an eyesore, Roberta saw a kind of story that she had a chance tell. She amazes me. She always has.


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