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My blog posts have been few and far between lately.  Between short days and busy evenings, I haven’t had much time for blogging.  Yesterday, though, I got out with my camera, er, cell phone, and took a few pictures.  Later in the evening, I sat down to blog.  Unfortunately, the computer chose that moment to turn crochety.  (The spell-check doesn’t like that word.  It’s an old-fashioned word for grouch, computer.) I fought with it for a while, but never managed to get my pictures uploaded.  So — here is a late post.

Here are a bunch of horses waiting for dinner — and dogs waiting for The Ball.  I’m looking at the west side of the row, facing north.

waiting 1

That was interesting — it didn’t come up in the little Add Media box, but it showed right up in the post.  Let’s try again . . .

waiting 2

This shot, of the east side of the row, came right up.  Oookay . . . We’ll see how it does tomorrow.

We had an interesting incident a couple of days ago.  A horse and wagon went down Manor.  It must have been a really good horse, to risk it on that heavily traveled, accident-prone four lane road.  There’s no shoulder, either, to get out of the way in case of trouble  Anyway, it panicked every horse near the road here.  The sight of a horse being driven seems to arouse an instinctive panic in other horses.  Maybe they think the wagon is a wheeled monster about to devour their relative. (This is why I gave up driving, after taking it up again after many years.)  Horses soon get used to the sight — otherwise the horse and buggy days would have been a disaster — but in a large boarding stable, with horses coming and going, there’s always a newbie who has never seen such a thing.  In this case, though, no lasting harm was done.

We were hoping for rain last night, but got at best a trace.  There’s supposed to be another storm in about a week . . . but El Nino hasn’t kicked in yet!


Posted December 4, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Horses

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