Baby Bella’s Bigger   Leave a comment

And she’s cuter than ever.  See?


Her hair doesn’t look very red in this shot, but it is.  She is three months old now, and a very good baby.  She and her mom Christina were giving her great-grandfather a haircut.  It was the kind he likes, which means he’s as bald as an egg right now.  Oh, well, it will grow back — eventually.

I stopped by the liquidambars at Teen Challenge today and snapped this picture of some of the fallen leaves.  They’re beautiful on the ground, too.


Fall is passing quickly, and there’s another storm due on Thanksgiving — we hope.  It’s supposed to be a really cold one, which will probably bring the last of the leaves down.  Winter is nearly here.


Posted November 22, 2015 by stablewoman in People

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