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If you remember the old nursery rhyme, here are Xena (front) and Gena in the title roles.  However, they have a nice doggie bed instead of a wooden shoe.  They are sound asleep after a hard day of running the ranch.  They have to bark at strange dogs and cars, supervise the feeding, chase the ball, and watch out for UFOs.  Xena has a fixed idea that if she just barks hard enough, she can chase off the strange howling beast that haunts our nights.  Unfortunately, that beast is actually a train some miles away, so she hasn’t had much success.  Gena, on the other hand, feels that the ropers across the river really need her help.  If she chases those cows in the right direction, they won’t have to rope them!  She’s not having much success either, except at getting shut in the house on roping nights.

So here they are, dreaming doggie dreams together.


But the nursery rhyme calls for a Nod, too.  I guess that’s me, because I went to sleep in my chair right after I took this picture.  Or maybe that’s Peaches.  She was asleep on the sofa, with her feet in the air.



Posted November 13, 2015 by stablewoman in Dogs

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