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. . . was a very interesting day.  It started with fog in the riverbed.

nov10 2

nov10 3

Then later, storm clouds started rolling in from the mountains.

nov10 4

They were black and threatening, but missed us completely.  Later, the crew worked on a shelter we’re building.

nov10 5

This is for the big pasture in back of the house.  It never had a shelter, because a line of big eucalyptus trees protected it.  PG&E took them out, though, as they were too close to the big power line.  So — a shelter became necessary.

nov10 6

It looks like the dogs are trying to help, but actually they were looking for a ball under the truck.

Here are the critters who will benefit from the shelter.  We think of this as the Appaloosa pen, for obvious reasons.

nov10 7

The light was golden all that afternoon, promising fair weather for today.  And so it is, but I haven’t gotten to enjoy much of it.  Our landline phone is out, and I’m stuck close to the house, waiting for AT&T.  They promised repairs by six.  I hope they’re right.  Hardly anybody has my cell number, and anyway, Billy won’t touch it.

It’s been kind of nice, though, not having any offers to clean our ducts, fix our mortgage, or take care of our credit card debts.  At least, we have ducts, if none of the others.


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  1. Wow! Those are some beautiful weather photos!

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