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The very first picture from my new iPhone 6, that is.  It was more than time I upgraded my old 4, much though I loved it, and I got a nice new tablet to go with it.  I’m not having much trouble adjusting to the new phone, but the new tablet is going to have a learning curve.

The only problem is that we haven’t been able to get the e-mail to open.  I’ve forgotten my password. Daughter Suzanne said she’d come over soon and help me out; meanwhile, the desktop isn’t as convenient, but will give me my e-mail.  How soon we get spoiled . . .

Here’s that picture.

1stnewphone 1

It’s a cloudy shot.  We got that promised storm, with about a quarter of an inch of rain.  That’s a good rain, but not a gullywasher by any means.  It gave us a chance to check everything for leaks, and test our procedures.  It’s hard to believe that it was around eighty day before yesterday; today we’ll be lucky to make sixty.  Summer to winter in one day!  It’ll warm up again, though.  We’re not done with fall yet.


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