Batten Down the Hatches!   Leave a comment

We hope.

The predictions all say that we should have rain tomorrow.  They vary widely on how much.  If, as predicted, the temperature drops a good 20 degrees, it’s bound to be blustery.  Billy’s got the crew checking the tie-downs on the tarps and leaks in the tackrooms.

I never knew what the expression “batten down the hatches” actually meant, though it used to be pretty commonly used when trouble was coming.  Then I read Patrick O’Brian’s sea stories.  When a powerful storm was coming, the sailors would not only close and lock the hatches leading below, but nail wooden boards — battens — around the edges to seal them against high waves.  You can see that seawater pouring down into the holds of the ship would be a Bad Thing, so they took every precaution.  We may not literally batten down the hatches — but we’ll sure tighten up the tarps.  Billy uses bungees as well as baling twine to tie them down, so that there’s a little flex in high winds.  We don’t want the grommets to tear out.  Given a chance, those tarps will act just like Mr. O’Brian’s sails.

I haven’t taken any good pictures in a couple of days, but here’s a couple of pearly clouds from a few days ago.


pearlyclouds 4

pearlyclouds 1



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