Great-granddaughters   2 comments

The place was awash in little girls this afternoon.  I think I counted seven, at one point.  A couple of them were even ours.

Here is great-granddaughter Liliana on her gaited pony . . .

ggdtrs 3

Here are some spectators.  Can you tell which one has been on a horse lately?

ggdtrs 2

Liliana’s little sister Isabella was not impressed.

ggdtrs 5

The sun was really bright . . . but it sure lit up Isabella’s red hair!

ggdtrs 4

I think it’s true; there is a natural affinity between little girls and horses.

We had some excitement yesterday.  I was going out to catch Kitty — Marion and I rode out again — when I looked up and saw a couple of deputies headed down into the river bottom.  One appeared to have a gun drawn.  There were eight or nine of them searching the brush.  They were apparently looking for the renegade deputy who had escaped from custody earlier.

Needless to say, Marion and I went in the opposite direction.

Just a couple of hours ago, we learned they had captured that deputy, who was wanted on a variety of charges.  He was said to have brandished a firearm at a group of little girls.  He was found in Oildale, all right, so maybe he had passed by.  It’s a relief that he was caught with no harm done to anyone.  But it was a weird episode.

Things are never dull around here . . .



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  1. Wow. I just read the story in the Californian. Apparently the deputy was arrested three times in one week!

  2. Lots of cute kids you’ve got there!

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