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There was an exceptionally large and beautiful sundog in the western sky last night.

sundog 2

A sundog, if you don’t know, is a patch of rainbow iridescence in the clouds caused by light refracting through ice crystals.  They are called sundogs because they appear to faithfully follow the sun in the sky.  There are usually two, and there were in this case.  The other, though, was behind some trees and didn’t seem as bright.

sundog 2

My cell phone wouldn’t capture the full range of colors.  This was actually much more colorful than it appears here — a patch of rainbow.

sundog 3

Here are the real dogs, waiting patiently under the sky “dog” for me finish fooling with that darned camera and throw the ball.

So I did.


Posted October 24, 2015 by stablewoman in Weather

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