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I looked out of the window this morning, and saw Gena (left) and Xena (right) enjoying a nap on the old sofa.  It’s set out in front of the office to be picked up for disposal, but they’re making good use of it.

culprits 1

Now the trouble with this is that one — or both — of them is the reason it’s going to the dump.  You can see the cozy little nest Gena — or Xena — has excavated on the left-hand side.  As a dog bed, it’s great.  As a place for people to sit — not so much.

Gena is sitting in the hole, but I think Xena has the guiltier expression.

culprits 2

And, though I hate to mention it, I have seen Skip the neighboring pointer lifting his leg on the sofa, too.  It’s definitely time for it to go.

Right now, there are two white plastic chairs where the sofa was.  There’s not much they can do to them.

Is there?


Posted October 19, 2015 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Dogs

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