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We did get that promised rain, and a pretty good one, too — maybe a tenth of an inch.  It was nothing, though, compared to the downpours all around us.

The humidity was high after the rain, but I was still surprised when I got up this morning and peered through the window.


There was fog in every direction.


It had lifted a bit by the time I took this shot.  There are two horses there, if you look closely.


When we rode later, it was nice to see the plantings at Panorama Vista looking so happy.


Peaches just enjoyed the puddles, gross and muddy though they were.  Xena disapproves — though she had tried a smaller puddle herself.


We had been smelling smoke pretty strongly for a day or two.  Today, we heard that one of the stables downriver had a haystack struck by lightning during the big storm Wednesday night, and had other damage caused by the strike as well.  That would account for the smell, which wasn’t quite like woodsmoke.  No people or animals were injured, but a haystack is a big loss for a stable.  That’s why ours are spaced so far apart, though we never thought of one being struck by lightning.  Hay fires are not uncommon — though very hard to put out — but lightning is not the usual cause!



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