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It was a lively night.  Thunderstorms are not so common in Bakersfield that we take them for granted.  This was a good one, for here, with house-shaking thunder and searing bolts of lightning — but almost no rain.  I was reminded of the old song, “This Ole House”.  Our house, too, “trembles in the darkness when the lightning walks about”.

Before the storm, yesterday’s ride was really enjoyable.  Here are a few snaps . . .

rideoct14 2

Marion and Janie with the Panorama Vista plantings in the background.  The drip irrigation is bringing the young trees along nicely.

rideoct14 4

Marion getting ready to take our picture.  Look this way, EZ!

The picture Marion took.  Canada looks like he’s flirting with Kitty.  It looks a bit misty, but that was actually dust from a passing vehicle.  The air was so still that it just hung in the air.  Of course, that was before the storm.

rideoct14 marions

Heading home . . .

rideoct14 1

There is a possibility of more thunder and lightning this evening.  We’ll hope there’s some rain with it!



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  1. Lightning and a ride with friends. Life is good.

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