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It’s been one of those weeks when it seems like there’s something that has to be done every day — but none of it’s interesting.  Banking, grocery shopping, check-up at the doctor’s (I’m healthy again) . . . nothing to blog about.  I’ve looked around at some old photos to use as placeholders . . . there are some interesting ones in the Critters category.

Here’s what happens when a winter coat comes in at different rates for different colors.



This Appy’s white hair grew faster than the brown, making for 3d spots.  Very interesting, if weird.

Here’s a really fleabitten grey . . .


Here’s Marion’s good mare Minka scratching in her own unique way . . .

minkascratchn 2

I hope something interesting (but not too interesting) happens soon, so I can post some new pictures!  This post is just to show that I’m still here.





Posted October 9, 2015 by stablewoman in Old Times, Uncategorized

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  1. Super happy you are healthy and still here! We are still here too and wondering just when fall may cool down. 90 degrees in AG POOOOOOOO! BOOOOOO! Brigid got “fixed” and Harley said it was the longest uterus in the history of his 40 year Vet career…now THAT is interesting…no litter of 14 for us! Think about a visit with you and Marion! Love, Elizabeth

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