Summer’s End   2 comments

It’s officially fall now; summer’s over.  The Fair is in progress, which also marks the end of summer here.  The days tend to be in the high eighties right now, which is a big improvement — and won’t hurt fair attendance, either.

Kitty and I got out and about this morning, and had a good time.  The horses’ coats are beginning to thicken now, taking on the look of velvet.  Kitty doesn’t get much of a winter coat, but she’s darker and almost iridescent now.  Here’s a shot of her shoulder.


The ranch, too, is taking on a new look.  It’s busier, for one thing, as everyone whose jobs don’t prevent it is out riding and enjoying the weather.  The trees haven’t started to turn yet.


Here’s a new addition; great-granddaughter Isabella, just six weeks old.  She’s a beauty.


It’s surprisingly hard to take a baby picture from horseback, even with a cooperative horse!

I met up with friend and boarder Jennifer, exercising the big Walking Horse, Randy.  He and Kitty went along together very well, considering he’s about twice her size.  We rode in together, and had a good time.


I’m pretty sure of one thing; I’m not going to miss summer much!


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  1. Kitty just had a rinse off, so her coat is wet and shiny. She is a pretty little horse. Paul showed me the xrays today. Her coffin or pedal bone has rotated downward, but it is a very old matter and Paul is convinced that it was the hot nail that caused this. He talked to a shoer that he wants me to use and he was very happy to hear that I already have Ed lined up. I think he likes that I am proactive about things. He wanted my old shoer’s name, so I gave it with no reservations. Spark is walking a little better. It will take a long time. Paul  likened it to having a plastic sliver pushed into our nail bed. I had already described it to Jerry that way. We are going to class tonight, so will close for now. Hope you are better. Love

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    • Actually, Kitty was bone dry; I took the picture before we rode. That shine is all her!
      I’m glad Spark is doing better. Billy said he could see a difference already. A hot nail is painful, all right!

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