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Marion and I rode along the river again yesterday, enjoying the relative absence of dust.  There wasn’t enough rain to really settle it, but it was definitely better than usual.

You can see the effects of the drought so clearly here.  Marion posted on her blog a picture that showed the sharp dividing line between the dying trees to the west, and the reasonably healthy ones to the east.  The difference is the beaver pond backing the water up.

Here is a view between Kitty’s ears looking east — with Peaches.

ridesep15 1

Looking west — with Xena.

ridesep15 2

I wanted a good picture of the water hyacinth choking the river.  Every one that I had taken, the lavender blossoms just looked white.  Kitty showed me where to look . . .

ridesep15 3

I got a pretty good shot.

ridesep15 4

They are invasive and aggressive weeds . . . but they sure are pretty.


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