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Only a hundredth or two, at the most; but it was real rain.  We got enough to settle the dust for a few hours, and to cool and perfume the air.  It seems like so long since we’ve had the scent of rain on dry earth.

I went out with my camera, of course.  It never rained hard enough to worry about getting it wet.  It was glorious, though, to feel it on my skin.  Even the horses were watching it.  Well — most of them.


I was trying to catch raindrops splashing in the water collecting on this picnic table, but I think I snapped between drops.  The rain was so light you could do that.  Note the rain shadow under it, and the line of drips beneath the edge of the bench.


It was short-lived, but we can hope it was a sign of things to come.  We really hope that it was enough of a change in the weather to help with the firestorms north of us.

Did I say it was glorious?


Posted September 15, 2015 by stablewoman in Weather

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