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They’re predicting a heat wave that will last most of this week, with temperatures up to 106.  We’ll hope it’s the last one this year.

Monday was nice, and I got out for a brief ride.  I took only one picture, featuring one of the wonderful old sycamore trees along the trail.


Our sycamores always turn brown and start dropping their leaves early.  This lets us see the beautiful branch patterns.  I always think they look like white lightning, frozen in time.

I think I’ve announced the last lily of the year earlier, but one brave daylily keeps putting out flowering stems.  This, though, is the last lily on the last stem of the summer, so it may really be the finale for this year.


The closer you get, the lovelier it is.


See you next year, lily!

Conventional wisdom in Bakersfield says that we never get true fall weather until after the fair, which begins on September 23 this year.  Maybe this won’t be the last heat wave, though one forecaster announced that he guaranteed we’d had the last 110 or over temperature of the year.  Thanks a lot.  Right now, it’s 87, and it’s not even 9:30 yet.  If my posts are intermittent this week, it’ll be because it’s Too Hot to Blog.

Unless, of course, something Really Interesting happens!



Posted September 9, 2015 by stablewoman in Flowers

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