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It’s been months since I rode two days in a row, but this weather is just too good to miss.  This morning, I rode out with granddaughter Sarah.  Here she is, on her father’s two-year-old Tillie.


Tillie is destined to be a trail horse, and she will be a good one.  She is sensible, and went along happily despite Peaches crashing through the brush.  Of course, Sarah’s work with her has a lot to do with that!

This picture looks like a beautiful fall shot . . .


Unfortunately, these trees are drought-killed, not showing off their fall colors.  Maybe some of them will come back this fall.  The old willows root deep.

This is an accidental picture I took of Kitty’s neck, while leaning over to get a good angle for the one above.  Still, I think I’ll put it in, just because I love her deep, almost wine-red chestnut color.


In Kern County, we always say that fall doesn’t really begin until the Fair.  That doesn’t feel very far off, now!



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