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First, breaking news; granddaughter Christina has a new baby daughter.  Little — well, not so very little — Isabella weighed eight pounds, seven ounces.  Mother, daughter, and big sister Liliana are doing well.  Updates to follow.

Yesterday, Marion and I rode upriver, on the Panorama Vista Preserve.  It was the first time for a couple of months that I had been out that way.  The dry river, dying trees, and fire-blackened banks were depressing.  It was nice when we got far enough upstream to find actual water, and green, healthy plant life.

rideaug11 2

You’ll have to take my word for it; there is water under the water hyacinth and buttercups and six-foot high cattails.  Farther east, we came upon actual open water.

rideaug11 6

Xena really appreciated it.  Here she is, looking oddly short-legged.

rideaug11 7

Marion’s horse EZ really wanted to go wading, too; but the bottom might be pretty soft, so she didn’t let him go in.

aug11ride 9

He is certainly a handsome boy.  It’s too bad that the water hyacinth just comes out whitish, instead of the lovely soft lavender that it really is.  It may be a pest, but it’s a beautiful one.

Poor Peaches didn’t get to go along.  She doesn’t take heat well, so I leave her home until the weather cools.  When we got back, though, she sniffs Xena so thoroughly that I would bet she knows exactly where we’ve been and what we’ve done!


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  1. Congratulations on the new grand baby! And welcome to the world, Isabella:-).

  2. Congratulations, Christina!

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