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Granddaughter Christina called yesterday to say there was a fire on the Hines property, just to the east of us.  Billy told her to call the fire department at once, and I got him into his pickup to see what was going on.  I could see that yes, there was certainly a fire.


Boarder Jennifer had gone over to see how bad it was — I always get to stay by the phone — and this is what she saw.


The fire department got right on it, and had it knocked down in short order.  They were taking no chances, though, and stayed on it all night.  I went to knitting — I was bringing the goodies, I had to! — and when Peggy and I drove out, there was a fire truck loading up with water at the fire hydrant at the entrance to our driveway.  They had had to go a long way for water.  When we got home, about nine-twenty, there was another fire truck tanking up there.  There are always hot spots in a brush fire.

This morning, Marion and I rode out, and stopped to get pictures of the damage, from the dry riverbed.


It was very close to the horses at the Hines stable.  If that big pine tree had caught, it could have been disastrous.


As it was, it was merely ugly and unpleasant.  (Note the tippy-tips of Kitty’s ears.  They had to get in there.)  It had to be deliberately set.  There are certainly no transient camps there.  This is the first fire east of Manor this year, and I certainly hope it’s the last.  Not likely — but autumn is coming.

Marion and I went on and had our usual lovely ride, more of which tomorrow.


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  1. My horses are at Hines and the farrier was out. Very scary and so close to the beasties. Fortunately no one was injured and the horses at Hines seem to have taken the fire in stride.

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