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It’s true; the world is full of wonders, great and small.  Just look at these clouds from a couple of days ago . . .

skyaug5 1

I wish the sun would cooperate by setting over a more picturesque area of the ranch.

skyaug5 2

On the small side, here’s a miniature rose.  It’s no bigger than my fingernail.


And I’ve always had a soft spot for the little jumping spiders, like this one.  He is tiny; that’s a flyspeck next to him.


It always seemed as though they were looking back at me; not the blank stare of most bugs (or arachnids) but really looking.  Hi there, little warrior . . .

Recently, one of his relatives has been all over the Internet; an Australian peacock spider.  The one in most of the videos is a blue-faced peacock spider, but here’s one of his relatives, courtesy of Wikipedia and photographer Otto Jurgen.  There are almost 50 species, many more colorful than this.  The males dance for their ladies, waving their legs and flashing their colors.


These amazing creatures, less than an eighth of an inch long, perform a display and dance as intricate and beautiful as that of any bird of paradise.  And they do it with a brain that can’t be much larger than a speck of dust.

How do they do that?

The world definitely is full of wonderful things.


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