Beating the Heat   Leave a comment

It’s a little cooler today — only 85 at ten o’clock — so I’m taking the opportunity to blog.

There’s little going on here after noon and before seven, as everyone else is avoiding the heat, too.  Seven a. m. is the best time to get out and ride, if not even earlier.  I caught Sarah and Jill meandering around the arena this morning, giving me a good opportunity to show some contrast.  One rides Western, the other English, but the main difference is in the size of the horses.  Reining/cutting horses tend to be quite small.  Aggie’s actually good-sized for her discipline.  Hunter/jumper/dressage horses tend to be very large.

Here they come, looking very relaxed . . . note where the rail comes on each horse.  Aggie’s closer to the camera, but even so, you can see a big difference.

sarahnjill 1

Hi, Sarah!

sarahnjill 2

And there they go . . .

sarahnjill 3

It just goes to show that with any size of horse and in any discipline, you can have fun!


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