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Fat little Bella, the Welsh pony, has been on a diet for the last few weeks.  She had gotten altogether too round, and had begun to show signs of founder.  Founder, if you don’t know, is a problem often caused by too much weight.  It shows up as extremely sore feet.  The tissues that connect the hoof wall to the underlying structures get inflamed and painful.  It is especially a problem in ponies, because it is so easy to overfeed them.  Our vet says there are only two kinds of ponies; those who have been foundered, and those that are going to be.  That is often true.

Bella was not a bad case, but she has been on a strict diet ever since she started acting sore.  No more rich alfalfa for her, but grass hay only, and not too much of that.  She has not been a happy camper, and has taken to whinnying pathetically to whoever passes by, in the hope that they will feed her.  She has lost weight, and her tender feet are just fine now.  In fact, she and Sarah went for their first ride in a long time a few days ago.

bellansarh 2

She seemed happy to be out, but still gives me the puppy dog eye look — which she’s very good at, for a horse — when I come to feed her.

I know just how she feels.

We’ve been having a problem with our phone — the landline — for a couple of days.  It just quit; no dial tone, totally dead.  I have a cell, luckily, but the landline is what our customers use to contact us.  We need it.  So I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to deal with AT&T.  I got through to an actual human being today — AT LAST! — and a service person is supposed to call me and set up an appointment.  I’m not getting more than  a foot from my cell, but no call so far.  I’ll give them until tomorrow before I try again.  It’s been a frustrating experience.  I’m sure everyone out there knows the feeling.!



Posted July 27, 2015 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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