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Boarder Jennifer sent me a picture she took yesterday.  It’s of a Birthday Ride, for our boarder Cathy.  Here they are, lined up along the river, with Birthday Girl Cathy on the left.  It’s a pretty good-sized group, for these days; at least eight.  Notice the pipe protruding from the bank behind them — one of several that dumped waste water from the oil fields in the Bad Old Days.


I enjoyed this especially, because it reminded me of the ladies’ rides Billy’s mother Irma used to head up.  They would have averaged about seventy — in age, not number.  I’m sure these ladies are mere spring chickens by comparison!

They got their ride in during the morning hours, which was a good thing.  The afternoon was marked by thunderstorms, with a pretty good lightning show.  Some places in the mountains got over an inch, but we only got a good shower.  It cleaned out the air, though, and this morning it was clear as crystal.


There are thunderstorms in the mountains again today.  A flash flood advisory is in effect again, and it says that places in the desert and near Lake Isabella have gotten over two inches today.  Here, though, it’s only muggy — so far.  There are supposed to be yet more storms tomorrow, due to tropical storm Dolores.

It’s all welcome — except maybe in the flash flood areas.


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  1. Actually, we were nine. Barbara seems to be missing from the photo on the little Paint, Wade. She might be behind the young willow in the center of the photo. It was a really nice occasion and ride.

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