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We’ve had some changes in our “old folks” pen.  Two of the three old horses in it have passed.  They lived long, long lives for horses — about 34 and 36 respectively.  Both were Arabs, who tend to be long-lived.

The third, a Morgan mare — also a long lived breed — was having trouble getting from one end of the big pen to the other, so we did some shuffling around.  The mare is in a smaller pen, where she hasn’t got so far to walk between food and water.  It’s a nice shady pen and she seems quite happy with her new neighbors.

That left the big pen empty, so we filled it with two not-quite-so-old but no-spring-chickens-either horses.  They make an interesting picture together.


A white (grey) mare and a black gelding — sunshine and shadow.

They seem quite happy together, but there’s no question but that the white mare is In Charge.  Here she’s telling him where to go.


They’ve only been together one day, but already they’re like an old married couple.


I’ll have to get some more pictures of them.  They’re a challenge to a photographer.  I almost got one great shot of them side by side, but they moved.  They seemed to think the hay truck was more important than getting their portrait taken.

I guess I can understand that.




Posted July 13, 2015 by stablewoman in Horses

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