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In the past days, we’ve had some rescue horses come in.  As I understand it — and these are secondhand reports — they are adopted or fostered from local Animal Control.

First in were a mare and her filly.  I believe the mare was adopted by our boarder, and the filly is being fostered; kept here until a home can be found for her.  It looks as if the filly was weaned too young; she has the narrow-chested look of an underfed baby.


She is a friendly little thing, though, and walked right up to examine this strange person.  Notice the grooves in her feet; another sign of illness or underfeeding, like narrow growth rings in a tree.

The mare, too, came right up to be petted.  She, too, is leaner than she should be.


It was hard to get good pictures, because both were curious about the camera and kept poking their noses into the lens.  They don’t act as if they’ve been abused — just not fed enough.


They make a good example of what happens with the grey gene — the mare is almost through the dappled stage and turning white.  The filly appears black until you look closely, then you see the white hairs beginning to appear throughout her coat.  She should be a very attractive iron grey, then dapple out.

I don’t know their story, but people are guessing that they are Andalusian or Andalusian crosses.  That seems very possible.


The other horse came in a bit later.  He needed a bigger trailer.


He’s a foster, too; a big copper chestnut gelding, probably a Thoroughbred or even a warmblood.    He, too, is too lean, but gleaming bright despite his condition.  None of the three is in the terrible shape we’ve seen some in, but all could definitely use some groceries.

We’ll fatten them right up!


Posted July 11, 2015 by stablewoman in Horses

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