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Another Fourth is over, without any damage — at least here.  Union Avenue was shut down for a while, due to a fireworks-caused fire.  Other than that, it seems to have been a pretty disaster-free holiday, thank goodness.

I suppose the shelters will be full of panicked dogs, though.  Luckily ours aren’t much disturbed by all the noise, perhaps because it’s not right on their doorstep.  In fact, they’ve spent much of their time lately sleeping in the coolest places they can find.

Xena (here cropped for modesty) prefers “their” slightly grubby sofa.


Peaches prefers the hallway, or the computer room if I happen to be in there.  Anywhere she has to be stepped over.


I just heard sounds of excavation, with intermittent thumps.  This means she’s constructing a nest amid my stacks of books.  I haven’t quite figured that one out; books are lumpy at best.  Maybe she just figures that if she knocks the stacks down often enough, I’ll get tired of picking them up again and leave that spot to her.  I could tell her that’s not going to happen.

Anyhow, the Fourth is over and there’s a cooling trend on the way.  We may get clear down to ninety . . . oh. happy day!


Posted July 5, 2015 by stablewoman in Dogs

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