Interrupted by Fire   Leave a comment

It had already been a busy day when a knock on the door heralded yet another fire downriver.  It looked like a bad one.

firejun20 2


The fire department was already on it, with trucks on both sides of the river, so everyone just watched.  I switched cameras, to get a better telephoto view.

firejun20 4

It looked a lot closer, through the telephoto lens, than it actually was.  It was on an island in the river, there was a barrier of sand between the island and our bank of the river, and most of all, the wind was blowing away from us.  The closest horses watched with curiosity, but no panic.


People were prepared to move them, but Billy said it wasn’t necessary.  As usual, he was right.  It certainly was scary-looking, though, and scary-sounding as trees popped in the flames.

The whole thing was over in a little over an hour.  The fire department will watch over it until the all of the hot spots die out.

We’re getting pretty tired of this, but I’ll bet the firefighters are even more so.  This is not pleasant weather in which to be fighting a fire in full protective gear.  Whether it was started by transients with a neglected cooking fire, or teenagers getting a thrill, hasn’t been determined.  Either way, it’s just a little bit more ugliness in the world.

We need rain.


Posted June 20, 2015 by stablewoman in Events, Kern River

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