Havin’ a Heat Wave   1 comment

I’m blogging at 9:30 in the morning, and it’s already 90 degrees out there.  Most of the forecasts have triple digit temperatures for the next seven to ten days.  It’s going to be hot.  Even the dogs are inside already, stretched out on the cool floor, instead of greeting all of the boarders as usual.  And I’m blogging in the morning, instead of the late afternoon.

I took a couple of additional iris pictures yesterday evening, when the lowering sun shining through their petals made it impossible to resist.

irisduo 2

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so here’s number two.


I don’t know if these will be the last; there’s a second bud stem coming up.  I hope I can keep it alive.  I’m watering morning and evening, because the heat is especially hard on potted plants.  The lawn, though, is pretty much taking its chances.

Posts may be sporadic for the next few days, depending on how hot it gets in the computer room.  I’ll be looking up my coolest pictures for the posts I do make!


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  1. Beautiful irises! — Sasha

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