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Yesterday it was 106.  I shut down the computer at noon; it was just too hot.  Our swamp cooler handles heat fine when it’s over a hundred, but 106 is asking a little much.  It was very dry, though, so it wasn’t too bad — except in the back of the house where the computer is.

Today, though, it’s almost 20 degrees cooler and cloudy.  It even sprinkled a little bit, and thunderstorms are not yet out of the question.  Then, though, the temperature is going to skyrocket again, and it’ll be muggier.  Bakersfield summer . . .

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching the progress of the one and only iris blossom of the year.  They can’t be planted out, due to squirrels, so the blooms have become scarcer as the pots get more crowded.  Even one, though, is an exhibition in itself, and more appreciated for its June appearance.  Here it is, from bud to fading.


iris8 iris6



It has a replacement, though, and yet another coming along.  Iris are so well-named; they come in every color of the rainbow, and some that the rainbow never thought of!


Posted June 10, 2015 by stablewoman in Flowers

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  1. Roberta – do you see the tiny little fairie in the red outfit, sitting on a leaf?

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