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Sarah, Marion, and I went for a ride along the river bed yesterday, looking for water.  Marion took these pictures as we rode along.

All of the dead aquatic vegetation is kind of depressing, but the banks are green.


A little farther upriver, we did come upon some water.  You can see it if you look very closely.  You can also see the tip of EZ’s ear.


Here, I think, it looks like we are riding through country suited to a Western movie.  You can imagine a stagecoach rumbling into the picture.  I’m pretty sure the horses wouldn’t like that, though!


There is actually quite a bit more water now than there has been.  You can actually hear water trickling through the weirs, instead of a dead silence.  We’ll try to catch some watery pictures next time.

That is, if it’s still there.


Posted June 5, 2015 by stablewoman in Horses, Kern River, Riding

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