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We’ve got a couple of new arrivals in the family . . . sort of.  Great-granddaughter Liliana has a new pony.  It’s not new to the ranch; it’s been boarded here for a long time.  It’s also been for sale for a long time.  It hasn’t sold, though, because it — he — is gaited.   That makes him more likely to move out than most people want for a kid’s pony.

He and Liliana, though, are getting along just fine.  She goes to fetch him on her little electric quad, and they sure do look cute.  Sarah took these pictures, showing that they look good coming . . .


. . . or going.


Meanwhile, Sarah is riding a filly for her dad.  Her name is Tilly, and she is a very good-looking youngster.  She is intended to be a trail horse, and there is no better place than here to get a wide range of experiences.  As Sarah rides her in the round pen, all kinds of activities are going on in the background.


She’s taking it very well, and trots around dutifully — mostly.  She did have one little episode of bucking.


She and Sarah are doing well, though.  Good girl, Tilly!


It’s always interesting — and fun — to watch young horses and young people learning to get along together.  I’ll keep an eye on both pairs.


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