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This was going to be a nice peaceful post about a pretty flower, but then we looked across the river and saw this.

firemay30 2

It’s been quite a while since there’s been a fire in the river corridor, but there was one today.  The smoke was billowing black, or white, according to whatever was burning at the moment.  The wind was out of the northwest, blowing away from us, so we knew there was no danger to the ranch.  But it’s still sad to see yet more vegetation gone.

firemay30 4

There were fire trucks on the levee, but with the lack of water and the size of the fire, there isn’t much they can do but let it burn out.  That’s probably for the best, anyway.

I think I’ll put in my lovely cactus flower, anyway.


pinkcactusflr 3

If for no other reason, to show there’s just as much beauty as ugliness in the world!


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