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Marion and I did something a little different today.  We bore a little farther south than usual, and rode along the canal that runs along the foot of the bluffs, stopping frequently for pictures.

Along this stretch of the trail, you can pretend that you are out in the hills somewhere far from town — when you’re not.  For a few moments, we couldn’t even hear anything man-made.

canalride 1

Xena got to come along, but we left Peaches at home.  It was just too hot for her.  I’m not sure whether Xena enjoyed being an only dog, but she certainly enjoyed the canal.

canalride 4

We crossed the canal and rode on the south bank, which we haven’t done in a long time.  I’ve pointed this out before, but . . . here is the bike bridge.

canalride 5

And here is the horse bridge — an old boxcar top.

canalride 6

Enough said.  We went on, heading east along the canal bank, at the foot of the bluffs.  There was a story on the news last night, about a baby in a stroller who went over the edge of the bluffs, and down three hundred feet to the bottom.  It was in the care of a sibling, who apparently didn’t realize what was happening until too late.  Amazingly, the baby was unharmed.  I’d write a testimonial to the stroller maker.  That’s a long way down.  We were glad there weren’t any runaway strollers today.

canalride 7

We crossed back to the other side, and headed home.  I took one more picture, of the dark and pleasantly spooky stretch we always enjoy.

canalride 8

It’s a nice cool stretch, too!


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